24/7 Gym Richmond

Indulge in fitness freedom at our Richmond, Abbotsford gym. With no contracts, no joining fees, and doors open 24/7. Our gym is the largest gym in the area, offering a spacious 1500 square meters filled with modern equipment. 

Enjoy a range of group fitness classes in our all-inclusive membership, covering HIIT cardio, strength & conditioning, yoga and more. With our diverse range of classes, your fitness journey is complete within one budget-friendly membership package.



If you’re serious about getting strong, there really is no other gym than the Richmond GYM24•7. With over 1500m² of floor space, there is no need to ever share benches or racks. There is no ‘peak hour’ wandering from place to place hoping for a free machine, free weight or rack. Pick your exercise, and sweat it out. 

Great facilities – the warehouse-style extension to the original area is unbelievable. Great pump music as well to get you through the workout.

John (Google review)

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  • 16 squat racks
  • 4 weight lifting platforms
  • 2 Smith Machines
Gym 24/7 Richmond gym floor squat racks
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  • 2 of all pin-loaded Weight Machines
  • 2 of all plate loaded Weight Machines
Gym 24/7 Richmond Personal Trainer and member exercising
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  • 3 full sets of dumbbells
  • 3 full sets of barbells
Gym 24/7 Richmond gym floor with equipment and weights


Just like a diet, a exercise plan needs balance and variation of movement for optimal health. Our functional track and sled, ropes and boxing bags are leading class, giving you all the tools to create a body that fits into and improves your lifestyle.

An incredibly versatile gym with a huge floor of free weights, squat racks and every machine you could think of. Then there is the new functional area that takes it all to the next level.

Jonathan (Google review)

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  • 4 x Boxing Bags
  • Full length rope
  • 20m Two-lane sled track
Gym 24/7 Richmond gym floor space
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In its own area, away from the gym floor, we have a dedicated cardio room that lets you burn the calories in so many different ways.

Gym 24/7 Richmond treadmills in cardio room
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Boxing bags and gloves are provided for all our members, and we even have classes included in your membership.

Gym 24/7 Richmond member in boxing class


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  • Relieve muscle pain and strain
  • Enhances post-workout recovery
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Improve circulation
Infrared sauna Richmond
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  • Relieves sore muscles
  • Stress reduction
  • Deeper sleep
  • Improved athletic performance
Recovery centre Gym 24/7 Richmond
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  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Removes lactic acid
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
Recovery centre at Gym 24/7 Richmond


At Gym 24/7 Richmond, our personal training service is tailored to elevate your fitness journey. Our certified and experienced personal trainers are dedicated to understanding your unique goals, crafting specialised workout plans, and providing expert guidance to maximise your results. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall well-being, our trainers are committed to supporting and motivating you every step of the way.

Terrific facility! In addition to their recent super-sized renovations, generously accomodating for everyone. Friendly staff, great management!

– Catriona (Google review)

Bec Cameron: Team B.Fit

Bec is head women’s health and fitness coach at Team B.Fit with 11 years experience in the fitness industry. She specialises in female body sculpting, bikini competition prep, women’s hormones, mindset coaching, improving relationships with food and holistic lifestyle coaching. Bec studies Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and focuses on creating an enjoyable, sustainable approach for her clients, teaching them not to fear food and empowering them with physical and mental strength through weight training. She is also a Lecturer for Women’s Health and Fitness Academy and Bikini Competitor who has won 4 x Bikini Open Titles and coached 25+ 1st Place Bikini Competitors.

0438 016 543

Emma Morgan: Team B.Fit

Emma is a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach on Team B.Fit. She is passionate about creating a balanced lifestyle approach for her clients, teaching them how to enjoy the process, achieve results and also sustain them for life. Her passion comes from finding her own happiness and confidence through fitness, losing 12kg while still having balance and enjoying her social life. Emma loves empowering women to improve not just their physical health but also their mental health and mindset through nutrition and exercise. She has also competed in ICN Bikini Competitions and won a Bikini Open title in her first season of competing.

0426 847 913


I specialise in:
✓Individual training for men and women for weight loss, body shaping, tone up build strength, muscle
✓Body transformations with long-lasting body changes
✓Functional, Strength, Split, Conditioning Training
✓Beginner to advanced levels
✓Pre-existing/existing injuries
✓Free individual diet plans, nutritional guidance

0475 009 500

Chris Churchward

I believe in doing things differently, I believe in challenging the status quo.
The way I believe in challenging the status quo is by educating and inspiring people with lateral thinking to be the very best individual versions of themselves both physically, mentally and emotionally, so they can then have the tools to inspire others.
I just happen to get amazing results and change lives in the process!
Over the last decade I have spent upwards of $50,000 on courses and self development to get to the level I am at TODAY!
I have learnt from the BEST coaches this industry has to offer, coaches like;
Charles Poliquin, Andre Benoit, Christian Thibaudeau, Eugene Tao, John Meadows, Joe Defranco, Jim Smith, Bret Contreras, Wu Chan Fu, Dian Fu, Andrew Lock, Tony Doherty, Tom Brazier, Mark Caroll, Rawdon Dubois, Sebastian Oreb And Mark Ottobre
After 10 years of developing and honing in on my skills as a transformation coach, I now have the privilege of working along side top professional athletes in MMA and Pro boxing and competitive bodybuilding.
I have accumulated a total of 160+ podiums ranging from 1st – 3rd place in the last 5 years of training fitness and figure competitors.